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Discover the best free interior design software: pCon.planner.

pCon.planner is a CAD application, tailored to the needs of interior designers.

Design rooms, process pCon data, create animated presentations and photorealistic renders,
and create article lists with our interior design tool. It promotes creative work and integrates seamlessly into business processes of interior designers, dealers and manufacturers.

The integrated pCon.catalog and the link to Trimble’s 3D Warehouse provide an almost infinite number of 3D models.

Render of a office. creating realistic render at pCon training
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pCon.planner - The interior design software

Interior design tool for photorealistic rendering

Quick and easy

Start with or without a floor plan. Use the room elements such as walls, doors, windows and many more. With these elements, you can quickly and easily build the entire room in 3D. Then add materials and light sources from the pCon.planner to make your drawing realistic.

3D room with different materials made in pCon planner free interior design software
A configurable white chair with data in pCon application

Data from leading manufacturers

Obtain and manage all information provided by a manufacturer in pCon.

Configure the 3D models and easily get the variant you want. From product descriptions and price information to brochures, certificates, assembly instructions, inspiring pictures, videos and much more. You have it all in pCon.planner.


Amazing renders

Good 3D designs start with an idea and grow into realization. pCon.planner helps you in every step of the design process to visualise and present your idea to colleagues, partners and customers.

Discover extensive features in one application to create impressive presentations and prepare for successful sales meetings.

Realistic render of a livingroom made with our free interior design software
Connection between manufacturers and users of pCon.planner

Keep the process going

Process and deliver different file formats such as dwg, dxf, dwt and 3ds. This way, you can easily collaborate with colleagues, external designers and agencies.

Create item lists and export item information to Excel or as OBX file for processing in pCon.basket.

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Save time with the features of pCon.planner PRO

Use all manufacturers in one session

Increase efficiency by accessing all your manufacturers at the same time. Create designs, renders and article list with products from any manufacturer used in your project.

View all manufacturers here.

Modern living room render with different furniture made in pCon planner free interior design software

Extended room elements

Configure room elements such as windows and doors when they have been placed. Adjust 3D models more easily with the tools.

Getting Organized

Manage the components of your design in layers and define what you want to be visible. Are you working with your own 3D models? Convert them into articles so you can offer and integrate them into your sales process.

Sharing a configurable chair from pCon.planner to PowerPoint

Sharing and presenting

Discover the joy of creating impressive presentations. Use the improved clipboard to copy 3D models into your PowerPoint presentations and create vector images from your 3D designs to embed in brochures and layouts – using your standard photo or layout editing software.

The Layout tool

With the layout tool, you can work with real-time views. As a result, your presentation is up to date the moment you make changes to your project.

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Over 680 manufacturers and brands are already available in the pCon community, providing up-to-date data to organizations and users from more than 130 countries.


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