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Give your website a boost with the product configurator cloud. Improve the customer experience with the high-quality 3D products. Let the customer configure the product on your website. Whether it is a different fabric, colour or variation: everything is possible!

Because the manufacturers ensure that the product data is up-to-date, you no longer need to maintain data on your website!

Increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer experience with the online product configurator from pCon. Give your website or webshop a boost with the 3D online product configurator. Experience it yourself below and find out the benefits of the product configurator.

Increase sales

No maintenance

Improve customer experience

Two ways to implement the product configurator

Lead generation

This variant is specially developed for the websites of manufacturers or dealers. The customer can configure products and request them directly. It is also possible to send the configured product as a file via an existing contact form. Furthermore, there is the option of making CAD formats available for download on the website.

Shop system

This variant is specially developed for the webshops of manufacturers or dealers. Here, the customer can add configured products to a shopping cart. The article information is sent back to the shop system as an OCI file by clicking on the shopping cart button. It is also possible to interface with different shop systems based on standard web technologies.

Experience the power of the pCon.cloud and it’s possibilities below!

Build a product configurator on your website in 4 steps

Request a demo via the contact form below. Our specialists will schedule an appointment with you to tell you everything about the pCon.cloud. If you are interested, a demo version will be built. With this demo, we offer a hands-on experience that allows you to discover the power and versatility of our configurator.

After 4 weeks, we evaluate your experience with the product configurator. Interested? Then let’s talk about what you want the 3D product configurator to look like. Think about the laout of the configurator, which information you do and do not want to show, which buttons you want to place, and much more.

After the composition is concrete, it is time to activate the product configurator. The 30-day trial period starts and now you can start discovering the self-assembled configuration tool.

One week before the trial is over, we’ll contact you. We’ll go over together how you experienced the product configurator and be open to feedback or any questions you may have. Of course, we hope that you like the configurator so that you can continue to use it.

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