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Founded in 1995, EasternGraphics develops world-leading space planning, graphical product configurator, quotation- and communication solutions.

Hundreds of world-leading manufacturers and thousands of dealers rely on our solution to create high-end visuals and error-free commercial proposals – increasing the efficiency and quality of their work. We focus on the office and home furniture, healthcare equipment, industrial machinery, industrial shelving, and retail furniture.

Our support locations

EasternGraphics is a worldwide operator with its headquarters in Ilmenau, Germany. With offices throughout Europe in The Netherlands, Italy, France, Poland, Romania, and Turkey. We consist of more than 140 enthusiastic members who continuously innovate and offer added value to our customers.

Today, more than 6,500,00 copies of the pCon.planner, our free space planning solution, have downloaded from over 192 countries.

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Our office hours

Monday to Friday 8:30 AM – 5 PM

Special exceptions
We are closed on:

  • Easter Monday (Monday, April 1)
  • Ascension Day (Thursday, May 9)
  • The day after Ascension (Friday, May 10)
  • Pentecost (Monday, May 20)
  • Friday, June 28
  • Christmas (December 25 & 26)
  • The day after Christmas (Friday, December 27)

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As an interior designer or as architect in a design studio, a retailer at the point of sales or order clerk in the back office, the pCon community is the right place to be.

Over 680 manufacturers and brands are already available in the pCon community, providing up-to-date data to organizations and users from more than 130 countries.


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