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pCon Community is an international B2B network for the interior design and furniture industry.

Upgrade your pCon account with a free Community Membership to get the most out of pCon. As a member, you can get in touch with suppliers and request their pCon data by the click of a button.


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The pCon Community Membership is free.

It is, however, a business network exclusively for interior professionals – such as architects, interior designers, facility managers, agents, specialized dealers, or manufacturers. Every application for the pCon Community is checked thoroughly to guarantee the exclusivity of the network.
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As an interior designer or as architect in a design studio, retailer at the point of sale or order processor in the backoffice, the pCon community is the right place to be.

More than 300 manufacturers and brands are already available in the pCon community and by that providing up to date data to organisations and users from more than 130 countries.

Free of charge

A pCon community membership is free and works for your whole organization. In fact, you apply on behalf of your organizing. This way, once your application got accepted, your team colleagues will automatically have the pCon community member status, once they have a pCon account.
Same goes for catalog requests: It needs to be approved once – then the data are free to be used by all your team members in all your pCon applications.

Get in touch with suppliers

As a member of the pCon community you are part of a professional b2b network. Catalog requests won’t go unnoticed,  they are manually checked by your suppliers. They can grant you access to their digital product data base and price list – corresponding to your needs and market. And whenever you have a special request, the contact data are there for you to use.

Available manufacturers

The power of data

Getting access to data from your suppliers means, receiving configurable 3D symbols, article numbers, pricing information, product description, images, brochures, assembly instructions, certificates, contact data ,availability information and many more. Once you get the approval, your organization can use it right away in all the pCon tools.

More information about pCon data

The power of digital tools

No matter if you are an architect, interior designer, facility manager, agent, specialized dealers, or a manufacturer, as a part of the community your pCon tool in combination with your approved suppliers data is just one click away.

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Industry News

Stay always up to date about new manufacturers in the pCon community, news about pCon tools or events – the pCon blog will keep you informed.

PS: You can access the news directly in many pCon applications by clicking on the little bell icon or the news section.

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5 Steps to get all the advantages of the pCon Community​

If your organization is not registered yet, create your pCon Account

Your colleagues are already working with pCon? Ask them to send you an invitation for pCon. This way, all your company’s settings will be applied to your account. You will also have immediate access to your company’s manufacturer catalog subscriptions.

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Request the access to the pCon community membership

We want to make sure that the network remains an exclusive  business network for interior professionals.
This means we validate every application for the pCon Community.
However, this process can take up to 24 hours, on workdays.

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As a member of the pCon community you can request the data from manufacturers.

They can grant you access to their digital product data base and price list corresponding to your needs and market. As soon as you get access the data can be used right away in all the pCon tools.

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Invite your colleages to your organizational account.

By adding your colleages to your organizational account, they can immediatly start working with the pCon tools and the data available for your organization.

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There you go!

The data and the pCon tools are ready to go. You and your colleagues are now able to work with pCon and access the data of your suppliers.

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