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Let manufacturers’ data support you with product configuration. Including the product and sales information you need during your consulting and sales process.

With pCon, you have a visulation and configuration platform with which you can create realistic images for your customers. Not only through images, animations and 360° panorama renders, but your customer can also take a virtual walk through your proposed designs using VR.

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pCon.planner is a program for creating layout drawings and colour proposals. It is a high-end 3D space planner, which allows you to create and visualise complete 3D layout drawings in photorealistic quality.

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VR-Viewer Plugin

Virtual Reality becomes a more and more important part of today’s furnishing consultancy. With the VR-plugin, you can create an experience and convince your customers by means of a virtual tour. Take a look in the future with the pCon.planner PRO Plugin VR-Viewer.

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As an interior designer or as architect in a design studio, a retailer at the point of sales or order clerk in the back office, the pCon community is the right place to be.

Over 680 manufacturers and brands are already available in the pCon community, providing up-to-date data to organizations and users from more than 130 countries.


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