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With pCon.roomplanner you create online 3D furnishing plans. Let your customers and/or employees easily make furnishing suggestions.

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The online roomplanner tool

Facilitate your customers and/or employees with a web-based 3D room planning tool, so that they can easily make room and furnishing suggestions.

The intuitive roomplanner to support your internal sales organisation as well as a lead generator on your website for future prospects.

Integration with OFML data

Within the pCon.roomplanner you can easily make your selected manufacturers available to your end users.

Simply link OFML data with models of your own products. By doing so you offer the possibility of planning with your OFML data to the end user of the pCon.roomplanner.


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exporting pCon roomplanner tool to pCon.planner tool

Import to pCon.planner

The drawings created in pCon.roomplanner can be imported into pCon.planner.

This allows you to easily continue on an existing drawing and finish it in detail and make it realistic for you customer.

Connect the roomplanner to your webshop

Create the ultimate online shop system by integrating pCon.roomplanner into your webshop.


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Design in 2D and 3D

Both the room elements and the configurable products of the many manufacturers can be drawn and viewed in both 2D and 3D. End users can easily switch between those two views.


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