VR-Viewer Plugin

Create a virtual walkthrough

With a virtual tour, you give the customer an innovative experience and first impression of the room. You no longer have to explain how the final result will be, but you show it to them.

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VR-Viewer Plugin - The features

The VR plugin for pCon.planner PRO – request a demo here

Men in Virtual reality world with the VR-Viewer Plugin of pCon software with a kitchen

Experience the room

VR allows customers to see in detail how the room will look before making a final decision.

Light and material come to life, the customer gets the chance to really experience the room. This allows you to convey the desired atmosphere to the customer.

Speed up the sales process

The VR-Viewer Plugin for pCon enables your sales team to quickly convince the customer by using the experience.

Let your sales team handle the process easily with one click, both inside and outside the showroom.

View from the inside of a VR-Viewer with a interior design look
VR-Viewer glasses linked to pCon.planner: where to find the VR-Viewer Plugin in pCon.planner

Easy to use

The 3D VR-viewer is designed to present the drawing in VR with one click from pCon.planner PRO. It is no longer necessary to export and convert your drawings. In addition, you have a plugin specifically designed for pCon.planner PRO.

Work more efficiently

Avoid “back-and-forth” corrections in a design by using VR. When the client is in a VR environment, you can immediately adjust the design. In this way, you work more efficiently.

3D model in pCon VR-Viewer Plugin

With a virtual walk, your customer gets a first impression of the design, and also a first feeling.

Create the ultimate experience for your customer.

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