Read here what pCon can do for you


Read here what pCon can do for you

Your products in pCon

More than 500 manufacturers went ahead and provided their data within the pCon community.

Make your product library available and allow the end users to apply your data in their daily operations.

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Speed up, optimize and simplify internal and external processes, as interior designers, architects, dealers and salespeople, among others, use your data in the pCon applications.

You can offer your data in two ways within the pCon community.

pCon community

  • One database for all processes
  • Provide end users with graphical product configuration of your products
  • Error reduction by adding product rules
  • Use the product configurator in your website or web shop
  • High-quality product visualization
  • Easy transfer of order and article data
  • Determine who has access to your product data
  • Use the pCon community network

The online 3D library

  • An online platform
  • Directly available in pCon.planner via an integrated link
  • Applicable in different CAD systems
  • Available statistics on the number of visitors and downloads
  • Your products are the marketing tool as they are continuously available to end users
  • Easy to maintain
  • Accessible 24/7 worldwide

The OFML-data standard was initially developed by EasternGraphics. OFML allows you to use your product data in configuration, planning designs, e-commerce, sales of your products and processing from quotation to invoicing with CPQ (Configure, Price, Quotation) application.

Find out what the advantages are for you!

Configurable data

Use the strongest product configurator in the market!

All your product data and information in one location? You can in pCon!

Enrich the data with product and planning logic and all necessary sales information such as user instructions, videos, certificates, etc. 

Because your products are configurable, customers immediately see what the options are and what effect this has on the price.

In addition, you decide who gets access to your product library.

One database for different processes

Within pCon we use one database where all your product data is present. This is useful for all sales-related processes (return of investment), such as:

Professional network

Use the professional pCon community network (salesmen/dealers/interior professionals) to offer your data. More than 14,000 companies are connected to the pCon community.

Via this network, interior designers, dealers and (interior) architects, will request access to your data. This allows you to easily expand your (sales) network.

Cost reduction

You save money by:

  • Process optimisation
  • Licence costs (Free pCon applications)
  • Error reduction by using OFML
  • One database to support various sales processes

Data distribution

Possibility of sharing your data with market-oriented price lists (currency or region). Via pCon.update you can distribute these price lists to your partners, dealers, customers etc…

Error reduction

OFML-data ensures that the end user can only make the configurations that are possible in your range. By using OFML in drawing, quoting and in your webshop, you reduce the number of errors.

Reach a worldwide audience

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The pCon.catalog is an integrated catalogue in pCon.planner with product data of leading manufacturers. End users can download and use the high-quality 3D models directly in pCon.planner.

The pCon.catalog is for manufacturers who want to promote products/solutions to a worldwide audience of professionals, experts and other end-users.

Find out what the advantages are for you!

3D models

As a manufacturer you can choose to make your products available as 3D models in the pCon.catalog.

End users can use your high-quality 3D models in interior design plans via this library. The customers can immediately see what the product looks like in a room. 

The pCon.catalog is integrated into pCon.planner. This free interior design tool has already been downloaded more than 5.3 million times.

Reach professionals worldwide

pCon.catalog is a powerful channel of communication and sales. With low costs you reach thousands of end users in different industries worldwide.

Interested or curious about what we can do for each other?

Contact us via the contact form below.

Interested or curious about what we can do for each other?

Contact us via the button below.

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