Real-time scanning with LiDAR

Scan your surroundings and transform them into a 3D room model with your iPhone PRO! 
pCon.scan uses the LiDAR sensor in your iPhone PRO to capture walls, windows, doors as well as (simplified versions) of your furnishings and turns them into 3D models.

Simply start a new scan, point your phone to edges and corners and watch how the 3D model of your room is being created.  And the best part: You can easily share your room model to use it as base for interior projects in pCon.box and pCon.planner.

Use it on iPhone PRO

To create 3D scans, the app requires a device with integrated LiDAR sensor, as provided by Apple on the iPhone PRO model (12 or newer) or iPad PRO (series from 2020), running on iOS 16.

Find out more and download the app.

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