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Fascination of interior design

pCon.planner is the CAD application tailored to the needs of interior designers. Interior designers as well as architects, dealer and manufacturers are directly processing their pCon data. A direct connected pCon.catalog and the possibility work with a variety of different models (i.a. 3D Warehouse) ensures an almost infinite number of object libraries.

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Create amazing interiors


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The pCon.planner is the perfect tool for professional interior designers as it is focused to exactly to their needs.

Create outstanding three-dimensional designs in next to no time and design them in detail. It doesn’t matter whether you want to start over or load an existing floor plan, edit it and share it with others. 

Feel the freedom to use almost an infinitive number of object libraries. The direct access to your pCon data in combination with the pCon.catalog and the possibility to work with a variety of different models make it work.

The perfect fit for interior design

Specialization is the key of efficiency. Working in customizeable viewports, using readymade architectural elements, creating and optimizing materials, setting the right light environment and last but not least, the configuration of the products of your suppliers are just a few effiency booster you will discover.

More than just configuring products

With pCon you can always access and manage the whole range of variety a supplier provides for his products. Besides a real time 3D symbol for your design process you have all necessary information for the product in hand. Starting from product description, price information over to brochures, certificates, assembly instruction, inspiring pictures and videos and many more.

Everything you need to design presentations and to be prepared for an outstanding sales pitch you’ll find in just one application.

Impress with outstanding presentations

See your ideas become real, by generating fantastic photorealistic renders, panoramic pictures or a video with a fly through. 

Sharing whole plannings and designs easily or prepare your emotionaly highlight by presenting your designs via Augmented reality.




Export to Excel
Collaboration with Architects
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Thinking outside the box

Collaboration at a new level

Supporting architects co-planners by processing and providing several geometry files such as dwg, dxf, dwt, 3ds is exactly as easy as it sounds. Collaborate with colleagues, partners and agancies.

In the same time you can create efficient workflows from design to sales department. Easily export the information of the artciles used in an excel file or provide an obx file for the quote proces within the pCon.basket. Ensuring a more accurate and speedy process – improving efficinecy and overall customer satisfaction.

Start right now

As a pCon community member you just need to download the pCon.planner together with pCon data of your suppliers to get started.  

pCon covers the whole process – rewarding you with more efficiency.

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Want more? Go PRO!

Every supplier you need

Access all your supplier catalogs in one session, creating article lists with all the products used in your projects in one go.

Available suppliers. (Link)

PDF Import

Save time by importing the PDF and using it as the base for your project. Adjust scaling, hide elements in the PDF that you might not need and profit from the smart snapping detection of snapping points – making it easy and efficient to trace walls and insert room elements where they need to be.

Layout tool

From design to presentation to print in one tool! With the comprehensive Layout are in pCon.planner PRO, you can create different presentation boards and print them to scale. Position the elements you want to show – viewports, single product views, pictures – on your page and save it for print or digital presentation.

Virtual Reality (Plug-in)

Give your clients the chance to discover designs in Virtual Reality. Using VR headsets or a powerwall gives you and your customers the chance to freely discover the plan from any angle, corner and perspective. Walk through the project and move objects around. pCon.planner PRO is extendable by powerful plugins like the VR Plugin to adapt to your requirements.

Community Space

Marga Vega
Interior Designer, Superior Interior, Madrid

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition. Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace diversity and empowerment.

Join the pCon community

As an interior designer or as architect in a design studio, retailer at the point of sale or order processor in the backoffice, the pCon-community is the right place to be.

More than 300 manufacturers and brands are already available in the pCon community and by that providing up to date data to organisations and users from more than 130 countries.


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Registration with the pCon community is free.
It is, however, reserved for interior professionals – such as architects, interior
designers, facility managers, agents, specialized dealers,
or manufacturers.

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With pCon you’ll get perfect software solutions for your daily work and direct access to outstanding product data from your suppliers and manufacturers. Find and maintain the partnerships of the future.



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* Offre valable jusqu’au 31/12/2021, passé cette date, le tarif de 78€ / mois s’applique.